Physical Experience & Events

We are able to manage the entire event flow or specialise in some of the phases, depending on the specific requests. From the concept design, brand development, artistic idea and communication plan, to the production of ad-hoc content for the event before, during and after, all through the management of suppliers.

For each experience, whether it takes place at our location or in a different one, we assign a dedicated team of professionals which includes artistic direction, a dedicated director, a team of lights and audio technicians and camera operators. This allows us to design and create every aspect of the experience according to the client’s requests.


We design and produce setups for exhibitions, events, expositions, customised stands for both indoor and outdoor activities. We offer a complete service, from briefing to production with consultancy on materials and environmental impact, with careful design and planning by our technical partners.

Our specialised architects support the client from the beginning of the creative process, responding to every need and request, creating renderings and architectural designs in order to be able to immediately visualize the final result, modifying and adapting it as needed.

Digital & Hybrid Events

For Digital Events the service comprehends from planning and management, through the development of a platform and streaming, to the technical service of video and audio production, through advanced digital proprietary technologies. The interactive part is developed through manned Q&A systems, remote conferencing technologies, and all integrated systems with animated 3D modeling, AR and VR.

Hybrid events: we can transform any digital event or individual elements into an hybrid experience by identifying the defining characteristics. Whether it’s creating two different event flows or just evolving some elements into hybrids, we design content without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

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