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Brand Strategy ▪︎ Social Media ▪︎ Paid Advertising

We master our digital promotion and communication activities through multichannel strategies in every country needed, everything is based on careful and strategic analysis of the current state of communication and the importance of goals and KPI , always keeping the customer in the loop.

We carefully manage the social channels of brands and companies, producing content and graphics, as well as detailed reports.

The Paid Advertising activity is supplementary to the digital strategies: we manage, set up and monitor ADS campaigns that are social, on the main search engines or digital stores based on the desired KPIs.

Influencer Marketing ▪︎ Public Relations

In order to implement the digital omnichannel marketing strategies, we have developed a program and a service dedicated to the world of influencer marketing: the Ambassador Program.

The service includes the analysis of the client’s competitive market, the research for the most suitable influencers according to target and budget, the contact phase with the talent, the scheduling of the contents and the analysis and reporting of the work carried out within the campaigns.

Thanks to the PR service, we develop partnership and sponsorship plans for federations, clubs and companies, from selection to operation.

With our Press Office, we set up a multi-channel activity, both on paper and online, plus radio and television.

NFT & Blockchain

We manage Crypto Fintech communication activities for clients with a vertical focus on the NFT and Blockchain environment.

We create, in partnership with different companies in the sector, NFTs for artists and creators, distributed through the MUSA marketplace and based on Blockchain Algorand and Ethereum: we take care of the multichannel marketing strategies in the main communities.

Our services in the Crypto world allow customers to increase sales potential, scale traffic, increase ROI and expand awareness of their Crypto project.

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