New Media

We create branded content to be shared on main media channels through collaborations with our authors andwriters. They create customized editorial concepts that can become either videos or podcasts, tailored on the brand’s story and both on the channel to develop and the target to reach.

Video production

We produce videos for media, social media and main platforms. Production can vary: corporate videosadvertising videos for brands, documentaries, music videosreporting ones or for social media usage.

It involves all planning aspects of the process including script writing, programming, logistics and bureaucratic aspects.


We produce author podcasts using storytelling to communicate brands, personalities, projects and initiatives. We design and produce PodcastBranded Podcast and Corporate Podcast: from the whole process to pure strategy and production consultancy, we create projects both for external purposes, therefore with a marketing approach to the public, and internal purposes, therefore as an innovative communication tool for employees and partners.

We provide Voice Solutions services, where we design, create and produce Action and Skill for Voice Assistant & Smart Speaker to benefit brands and their products and services.

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