Company profile

Company name

TMP Group



Representative Directors

Maria Teresa Astorino

Head hoffice

Milano – Talent Garden – Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6 – 20139 (MI), Italy


1 500 000 Euro

Number of Employees


Legal office

Agrigento – Via Matteotti, 8 – 92017 Sambuca di Sicilia (AG), Italy


TMP Group is a Digital Agency born in 2012 in Milan that supports the Fintech, Industry, Public Administration and Startup areas. We digitally position and give identity to brands through advertising above and below line, campaigns,  influencer marketing and online and offline media management. Partner of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and of the Japanese Chamber in Italy, we focus on the Far East market. We are part of various European initiatives in the field of blockchain technology and women’s empowerment.

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