About us

Company name

TMP Group S.p.a.


Milano, 2012


Tech Media Company

Operating divisions

Digital, Experience, Production, Metaverse & NFT

Company Offices

Milan, Turin, Rome


Brand positioning, brand identity, business innovation, digital transformation

Number of Employees

25+ professionals
(average age 35 years)


Accompany customers towards innovation and quality


Industry, fintech, sport, cultura e design


“Sensitivity, intellect and reason”


“Each technology creates new tensions and new needs in the human beings who generated it. The new need and the new technological response arise from the fact that we have taken possession of the already existing technology: it is an uninterrupted process ”.

Marshall McLuhan

Digitization represents a precious opportunity offered by technological innovation to improve the communication experience of an organization. It provides solutions whose effectiveness and efficiency are however connected to the “form” it takes in order to be able to transfer content that meets the expressed needs. Building a digital communication strategy therefore means identifying the most performing and suitable actions, in the panorama of modern technologies, to pursue objectives and generate tangible results. An approach that requires in-depth knowledge of the hi-tech sector, access to the latest generation tools, constant updating of equipment and skills, the ability to anticipate trends.

These are the distinctive features of the TMP Group activity, which aims to accompany its customers on the path towards the introduction of innovative models in communication and relationship processes, capable of bringing quality and multiplying opportunities for interaction. This is made possible by a strong adaptive capacity, by the great variety of high quality services offered and by the multidisciplinary nature of the young and dynamic team, led by a passionate quartet of managers.

Management team

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