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We are a digital agency founded in 2012 in Milan active in the Fintech, Industry, Public Administration and Startup areas. We digitally position and give identity to brands through advertising above and below line, campaigns,  influencer marketing and online and offline media management.

Partner of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and of the Japanese Chamber in Italy, we focus on the Far East market. We are part of various European initiatives in the field of blockchain technology and women’s empowerment.


With us you will have the opportunity to build your brand identity and related digital communication from scratch in Italy or abroad, implement the existing one or create graphic and audiovisual content specifically designed for your reality. Events, promotion, collaborations, press office, public relations: we take care of everything.

Our specific focus on the Far East allows us to get you in touch with the Japanese market and culture as well.


Premium mobile phone screen mockup template
SpindleEvent and communication for the largest Japanese ICO and matchmaking platform for users and crypto hedge funds through Blockchain technology Discover more
TekADV campaigns, creation of contents and sponsorships for the well-known reality of the beauty, eco-green and fashion worldDiscover more
AtenaIdeation of the format, creation and complete management of the competition for startups on a national scale, presented through a Roadshow throughout ItalyDiscover more


We are aware of the fundamental importance of the network to best express the potential of our resources and for our customers’. This is why we strategically choose to collaborate with national and international excellences in order to create winning synergistic partnerships and achieve our goals together.


Dry Cast is the podcast signed by TMP Group, awarded as the best emerging podcast at the 2019 Podcasting Festival. The format collects testimonials, stories  and curiosities from the Italian innovative business world.


Our newsletter is written in italian, but you can practice our wonderful language by staying updated with our news! 

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