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We are a new media company, we support our customers through our 3 areas: Digital, Experience and Media Production.

Our vertical expertise in the sport, fintech, design and corporate industries allows us to create functional strategies to unleash the growth and innovation of brands, fostering their digital transformation.

Our daily goal is to constantly accompany customers towards qualitative innovation, improving the multiple communication possibilities with concrete and solid actions from our creative, analytical and organized team.Hangar21 is our main office and the home of every talent: a new media oriented space dedicated to the production of contents and high-technical-value-events. Come and visit us!


We will give you the opportunity to build your brand identity and its related digital communication from scratch, in Italy or abroad, implement the existing one or create graphics and audiovisual content to be conveyed in the new media. We offer our design, creative, technical and technological skills for the realization of events, productions, promotions, collaborations, press office services and public relations.

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DIGITALBrand Strategy ▪︎ Social Media ▪︎ Paid Advertising ▪︎ Influencer Marketing ▪︎ Public Relations ▪︎ NFT & BlockchainDiscover more



We are aware of the fundamental importance of the network to best express the potential of our resources and for our customers’. This is why we strategically choose to collaborate with national and international excellences in order to create winning synergistic partnerships and achieve our goals together.

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